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New Guildelines for Treating Patellofemoral Pain

The JOSPT recently published (Sep 1, 2019) new Clinical Practice Guidelines for treating Patellofemoral Pain. Several years ago, these guidelines were mostly generic and exercise based, but more and more, are well researched and something you should review. Students who could use a refresher on treating knee pain should look at these latest CPGs.

Things that stand out and mesh well with The Eclectic Approach
  • use functional testing like a squat, single leg squat, step downs
  • manual therapy and taping should only be used in conjunction with exercise, taping beyond 4 weeks is not effective
  • categorization of patients who respond to hip/knee strengthening exercises, improvements in motor control, or mobility
  • ⁉️don't use dry needling? - but acupuncture is ok to use⁉️
  • modalities are not effective
Things that are still outdated
  • flexbility deficits of the lateral retinaculum or ITB⁉️⁉️⁉️ 

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