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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Things Every Patient (and Clinician) Should Be Doing

Many patients (and clinicians) should get into regular habits of improving their overall health. Those with chronic issues, slow recovery, low energy, or multiple comorbidities can benefit from adding these activities to their daily schedule. Many times, the nervous system is ramped up and recovery is slowed down, leading to slow or non-responders. Improving overall health reduces the vigilance of the neuro immune system and mindfulness, regular exercise, 8 hours of sleep, and eating healthier can all help.

You need to train recovery just like you would for strength, performance, or fitness. When time and traditional rehab takes care of issues, not all of these things are needed. Overall, incorporating eating real foods (especially fiber), improving sleep quality and duration, and exercising regularly are things most people can do better. If you're not doing it yourself as a clinician, how do you expect your patients to follow through with these health changing strategies? 

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Keeping it Eclectic...

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