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Still having trouble restoring SB/rot in the cervical spine? After trying isometrics and various PNF described in part 1 here.

5 Reasons to Consider Nutrition and Behavior Change in Rehab
  1. Nutrition, that being the foods we eat and science behind its digestion, provides energy for our bodies, for our patients’/clients’ bodies. However, proper nutrition does more than fuel day to day activities.
  2. In a rehabilitation setting nutrition can affect functional mobility and recovery. First off, for our patients/clients to participate in therapy sessions, they need to be fueled to do so. But in addition to that, proper nutrition will facilitate more efficient healing, building, and strengthening of tissue, which will ultimately affect functional outcomes. 
  3. Nutrition also plays a role in the development of chronic disease. With proper nutrition, your patients/clients will not only function better, but reduce their risk of developing conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. And for the older population, adequate nutrition can prevent malnutrition and the devastating associated effects. 
  4. With the previous three reason in consideration, nutrition will ultimately affect your patient/client’s quality of life. Are they able to thrive in the environment in which they live? And are they able to do so without the burden of disease?
  5. As a healthcare provider, know that you can help facilitate behavior changes if needed. Including changes that can help your patients/clients achieve the benefits of proper nutrition. Though remember, much more goes into merely providing education. Among many factors, medical history and scopes of practices must be taken into account.

via - Dr. Patrick Berner, PT, DPT, RDN - Fuel Physio

If you're looking to add a nutritional screen to your practice, check out Dr. Patrick Berner's awesome resource, now updated with 4 easy to digest (pun intended) sections. The newest section is on patient behavioral modification strategies, definitely important for nutrition and health/wellness.

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I have reviewed some new research that aims at clarifying the information out there.

Patient having trouble with loading one side of their cervical spine? Check out these problem solving strategies when traditional manual therapy techniques like IASTM or joint mobilizations aren't tolerated or possibly indicated. This video is from a Modern Manual Therapy Seminar - click here to check out our offerings and register for an upcoming course!

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NOI Group's texts and seminars have been some of my favorite to take and recommend.

A long while ago, I wrote a guest article called “Reflections as a Rehab Director” that continues to send email queries my way. During the time of that article, I had just reached new heights from a company station and corporate performance standpoint. Namely: I was leading the region in profits, despite having the highest operating costs while scooping up a historically failing trio of business units from crashing further into the red.