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#CashPT MARKETING PEARL: What to do When a SEO Firm Asks You to Market With Them

Just like our clinical pearls that work great in the clinic when treating patients, this is a marketing pearl that is a MUST DO for all cash based PT practices!

Find out exactly what to do the next time some SEO marketing company or local magazine asks you to spend $1000+/month or tries to trick you into buying unproven marketing for a 12 month commitment.

Never commit to unproven marketing without doing this first!

2 Main Marketing Strategies:

1.  Ask for a 3 month trial period to tests the marketing to see if it works or not

2.  Find 3-5 companies or health care providers who were in a past issue or publication.  Call them, and see if they received any ROI on their advertising in the magazine/publication.

This is a great strategy that has helped me saved $1000s of dollars on wasted unproven marketing that does not work for a cash based practice.  For more information about my cash based system, my proven marketing strategies, or my 101 series for cash based start up practices, visit http://www.cashbasedphysicaltherapy.org/



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