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Thunder and Lightning: Jeff Moore and Jerry Durham hit Chicago

The Disruption is happening-- Jeff Moore

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend a course with Jeff Moore (@jeffmooredpt) and Jerry Durham (@Jerry_DurhamPT) at Entropy Physiotherapy (@EntropyPhysio) in Chicago. This was the third course I've attended there in the past year, and the second featuring Jerry. As I've written about before, Entropy, co-owned by Sandy Hilton (@SandyHiltonPT) and Sarah Haag (@SarahHaagPT) is hands down, the BEST place I've ever been for a course. It's not just because of the quality of presenters they bring in, the hostesses themselves, the outstanding coffee, snacks, lunch, after hours dinners, drinks and burlesque shows (wait, what?), it's the entire experience. 

I encourage everyone to check out the selection of upcoming amazing presenters here: 

Thunder and Lightning- it's a moniker that has been frequently used to label such things as a running back tandem in the NFL, or perhaps a boxer's fists. In this case, the characterization applies equally to both. Both Jeff and Jerry like to disrupt the status quo, and both energize and inspire the people around them. 

Jeff Moore: For those of you who haven't been able to catch Jeff live with his #PTonICE periscope, the beard game and passion are strong with this one. I'm placing his current beard status at "sea captain." To describe Jeff as passionate is like describing Warren Buffett as "wealthy"-- just a slight understatement. As I tweeted in response to a request to record a portion of Jeff's talk, "it would have broken Periscope." I've wanted to meet Jeff n person for a while now and see how he runs a course. And let me tell you, the live show is a whole different ball game.

Jerry Durham: I'm pretty sure he doesn't need an introduction. And I'm also pretty sure he hasn't been clean-shaven since puberty. This weekend he had it dialed in at "Tom Brady three-day growth." Jerry is co-owner of San Francisco Sport and Spine, an out-of-network operation of three clinics in the Bay area. He may be best known for the "Customer Life Cycle," yelling at people on the internet for using the words "reimbursement" or "discharge," fancy socks, bourbon, and live-tweeting every single blow-by-blow of every SF Giants game.

I'm not saying I'm Batman, but have you ever seen us together in the same room?-- Jerry Durham

A huge bonus of the weekend came at the end of the day on Saturday when we had the opportunity to hear a story from a former patient of Sandy Hilton's, Erin Jackson. Through Jerry Durham this past year, Erin was one of two featured guests on the first ever patient panel at CSM. She was also recently a guest on the Healthy, Wealthy, Smart Podcast with Karen Litzy (@karenlitzyNYC). Erin held a captive audience as she discussed her ordeal with chronic pain as well as the lengths she had to go through navigating the U,S. healthcare system.  It was a powerful reminder of not only how much our words and actions matter, but also of what the detrimental affects can be when misused, as well as the extremely positive outcome when applied appropriately.

One other thing of note is that in most courses I've been to or at courses that I teach, around 4pm is when you start to see people begin to look at their watches and start to think about the other things they'll be doing when they leave for the day. Especially when Erin was talking,  no one was looking at their watch. I think she went at least to 5:45 but no one was even considering leaving. No one wanted to leave Monday evening at 8pm until it was suggested we keep the conversation going at the bar. That exemplifies the quality of the courses that Entropy provides and that exemplifies the dedication and focus of the people that attend the courses. 

As was pointed out on several occasions throughout the weekend, it was great to be in a room with like-minded, goal-oriented people interested in having the conversation and finding solutions to problems. It was also a real treat for me to be able to meet and engage with the following people: Jeff, Jerry, Sarah, and Sandy of course, but also Jason Robinson (@JRPT7), Sarah Greenhagen (@SarahGreenhagen), Ann Wendel (@PranaPT), Aaron Burkett (@ptfromou), Jimmy Picard (@JimmyP_DPT), Adam Fritsch (@AdamFritschDPT), Kevin Moffat, Tim Seppelt, Jim Hoyme (@therapypartners), and Erin Jackson (@healthy_lawyer). Thanks to all for an awesome weekend!

Be the change you wish to see in the world-- Gandhi

Now, on to the highlights:

It took just 37 seconds and two sentences into his opening section for Jerry to drop his first f-bomb.

In contrast, it took Jeff eight hours and four old fashioneds (at the bar down the street) before he broke it out.

Jeff Moore might challenge for the most spoken words per minute by a PT

"It's not about interventions--it's about patient engagement"

Disruption-- things don't need to be done the way they've been done

"Be comfortable with what you don't know"-- Jerry Durham

"If you listen to the pt and ask the right questions, they will tell you what's wrong with them and how to treat them-- I sincerely believe that"-- Jerry Durham

99% of ppl who call a PT office, they expect the same outcome b/c they don't know what it is that we do. what separates us from another PT?

It is the emotional recollection of HOW we felt at a particular occasion that drives future behavior-- Dr. Joseph LeDoux

"Putting patients first drives both a company's favorability and perception of value when it comes to healthcare"-- Mike Bowen, Insights director, Siegel and Gale

In healthcare, the overarching goal for providers as well as stakeholders must be improving value for patients, where value is defined as the health outcomes achieved that matter to patients relative to the cost of achieving them

Jeff Moore's "Round the Corner" moment-- a description won't do it justice. You need to see it live. But if it doesn't get you excited about doing what we do and the impact you have on people, I don't know what will. 

The most important first question: "How can I help you today?"
The most important follow-up question: "Is there anything else?"-- Aaron Burkett

You do not have a standard exam for every patient!-- Jeff Moore

"Do as little as possible but as much as you need"-- Jeff Moore

You need baselines so you can test and re-test. You don't know what changed if you don't know where they started from.-- Jeff Moore

We are in the customer service industry. If you don't like that, then go into research!-- Jeff Moore

Don't expect the APTA to market for you. You market your community!- Jeff Moore

People don't want someone to fix them, they want someone to work hard at it-- Jeff Moore

"Trust builds equity to be wrong"-- Jason Robinson

You want to take your customers through an emotional experience-- Jerry Durham

What is most important to the patient? 

It's about the person in front of you!

"I don't care what the insurance company things, I care what my patient thinks"-- Sandy Hilton

We do not "discharge" patients-- we complete a course of care-- Jerry Durham

Patients for life: "I want to be alongside you and your family for the long term"-- Jeff Moore

"We have to remember, we are all patients. I'm a PT, but I'm also a patient"-- Ann Wendel

" I needed the input of confidence that I would recover to help me recover"-- Erin Jackson

"0/10 pain is not a life goal! I didn't want to exist like a potted plant. I want to do things!"-- Erin Jackson

I had to continuously recover from encounters with health care providers because people didn't listen-- Erin Jackson

"Engagement is how you recharge"- Jeff Moore

"You don't need X amount of rest. You need X amount of inspiration!"-- Jeff Moore

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