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Fix Your Website and Start Using Landing Pages for PT Marketing

What is a Landing Page and Why Should I use this for my PT Practice?

Lets face it, most physical therapists are horrible at marketing and do not know how to market to the public about our services.  Most physical therapy websites just say the same thing:    look at our staff, look at what we do, we do this physical therapy, look at our education, we do this intervention, and it filled with more me, me , and some more me.  This is another problem that I see frequently and recommend to change this on your practice website (remember it is not about you), but I also recommend to stop marketing physical therapy.  Yes, I said it.  Stop marketing physical therapy and start marketing your outcomes and start using landing pages.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is one page (either on your website but hidden from the main page or a whole seperate site and URL) specifically designed for one injury, a niche market, or a target prospective patient.

What is the goal of the landing page?

A specific landing page is for the prospective patient or visitor to receive specific information about the topic of interest and, in our case, it is usually about one type of pain or injury.  For example:  shoulder pain, heel pain, low back pain.  The goal of the landing page is to get that prospective patient to take action.  To sign up for information, to call to schedule an evaluation, or to schedule online.

Why should I use a landing page?

Most people do not know what physical therapy is nor what we actually do.  So marketing physical therapy to the public usually does not work.  But if you market to specific diagnoses, injury, or niche market, than people will click and take action on this and you can put yourself in front of 100% of your ideal prospective patient market.  What do I mean about this?

For example:  say you want to target runners and running injuries.  You decide to sponsor a local 10K and you have a booth with your physical therapy logo, flyers, free information, etc.  It all sounds good but what are you really doing.  You are putting yourself in front of 1000 healthy runners that at some point may or may not get injured, 2 months from now they may call you for an injury, and they may not even stop by your booth, because after the race, they just want the free planet smoothie drink or a free chick fil a sandwich.  You get my point, don't count on maybe, and there is so much work here.  With this example, how many people will be coming in for an evaluation after this race? maybe 0-1-2.  Now what if you can put yourself in front of only injured runners looking for treatment?  What if you hosted a running injury clinic at a local running shoe store and you put yourself in front of 15 injured runners who are coming to hear you talk!  This is a huge opportunity and how many of these injured runners can you get in for an evaluation with a lot less time, money, and work?  maybe 5-7?  See the difference

Your landing page will target a specific injury or niche market, that will put yourself or your landing page, directly in front of people looking for treatment for that specific injury!  This is the key and you can market your outcomes and success stories here too.  Anything to get them to take action.  This strategy will allow you to increase your conversion rates and to get more people to take action and call you for an evaluation.

This is just one concept that private practice owners, especially cash based practice owners need to master when marketing your practice.  It works and will help increase your conversion rates getting more prospective patients in for evaluations.  For more information on marketing strategies, proven blueprints for landing pages, and how to start a cash based PT practice click below or click here.

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