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Time Restricted Eating on Human Health Part 4 - Metabolic Effects

Time Restricted Eating on Human Health Part 4 - Metabolic Effects - themanualtherapist.com

Effects of Time Restricted Eating on Human Health
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Intermittent fasting can have beneficial metabolic effects via caloric restriction.

This review confirmed this with the following findings:

  • Avg weight loss of 3% and fat mass reduction.
  • Body fat loss and a decrease in the level of fasting glucose concentration.
  • Weight loss and BMI reduction.
  • Drop in systolic blood pressure.
  • Reduction in waist circumference and a decrease in cholesterol concentration.

6/10 studies showed beneficial metabolic effects, regardless of the calorie restriction. For example, a randomized iso-caloric study evaluating eTRE showed a decrease in the average blood sugar level and reduced insulin resistance. Likewise, a crossover randomized trial demonstrated that short-term TRE improved nocturnal glycemic control.

An iso-caloric trial on eTRE 8/16 showed an improvement in glucose tolerance and a major decrease in systolic blood pressure, comparable to the results obtained with pharmacological treatment with an ACE inhibitor.

Moro et al. showed a combination of TRE 8/16 with regular physical activity:
  • Reduced fat mass.
  • Decreased blood glucose levels.
  • Improved insulin resistance.
  • & Lowered triglyceride levels.
Some suggest these effects are due to the increase in adiponectin levels.

Adiponectin is an adipokine, which increases during fasting and could produce a loss of fat mass by increasing energy expenditure.

Adiponectin also activates AMPK, a kinase which stimulates lipolysis and insulin-sensitivity.

Although metabolic changes are the result of an imbalance between the energy content of food eaten and energy expended partly via physical activity, only 3 studies measured physical activity.

However due to limitations and bias, further studies on TRE controlling the impact of physical activity can confirm these effects.

5. Effects on Circadian Clock and Other.
6. Conclusions

Adafer et al. 2020. Food Timing, Circadian Rhythm and Chrononutrition: A Systematic Review of Time-Restricted Eating.

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