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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Exercises to Target Your Glutes and Quads

5 Exercises to Target Your Glutes and Quads -

Better Band - Glutes, Lateral Hips & Quads (Standing - Stationary) ⤵️

My friends over at @committedhp set me up recently with their Better Bands and I'm really enjoying them so far. The unique thing here is that you can switch up the overall circumference (size) around your legs based on what fits best and also how much intensity you want to use.

There's a ton of variety and ways to use these in your training so definitely play around and explore with them. I've been adding in floor-based exercises recently, but today's post is about standing exercises with the Better Band in a stationary position.

The key to the following list of exercise progressions is single-leg strength and stability in concert with building durability in your glutes, lateral hips and quad muscles.

Grab yourself a pair of Better Bands at the link in my bio with 10% off discount code: MIBRAHIM10

Exercise Progressions:

1. Better Band 1-Leg Squat Iso w/ Lateral Toe Tap
2. Better Band Stork
3. Better Band Stork w/ Clam-Lift
4. Better Band Stork w/ Kickback
5. Better Band Stork w/ Diagonal Kickback

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