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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Types of Fallacies You Should Be Aware Of Part 2

5 Types of Fallacies You Should Be Aware Of Part 2 -

Last week, the topic of logical fallacies was introduced with 5 common errors that occur with clinical reasoning and deductive thinking.

This week, 5 more fallacies are presented that you will often see writers or readers intentionally or unintentionally perform with citing research.

5 Types of Fallacies to be Aware of by Cameron Faller

👉Begging the Question - This fallacy occurs when an argument's premises assume the truth instead of supporting it. This in turn creates circular reasoning as the argument is used to support the conclusion.

👉Correlation/Causation - This is one of the most common fallacies noted in randomized controlled trials. Just because something is highly correlated, doesn't mean that one causes the other. If this were the case, then one could argue that when Nicolas Cage stars in a film causes more people to drown in pools. (

👉Anecdotal Evidence - In place of highly driven evidence, this fallacy replaces a person's experience or one new piece of evidence as superior.

👉Middle Ground Fallacy - This fallacy assumes a compromise between two statements is always true. This ignores the fact that one of the statements could be completely true or false.

👉Burden of Proof - This occurs when someone renders a statement as true and will state it's true unless proven otherwise. For a point to be true, evidence would need to be able to support it.

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