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Top 5 Fridays! 5 PTs You Need to Follow on Instagram

Tired of seeing all the ads, polls, fake news and unwanted opinions on facebook? Do you just want to have a better quality feed that is relevant to what you want to know? Try instagram instead, I tend to keep instagram to professional use, and leave facebook for personal use.

There are a TON of amazing instagram influencers out there, and here are 5 that I check out regularly in no particular order.

Jarod's feed is chock full of messages similar you get with The Eclectic Approach and MMT. Eliminate pathoanatomical explanations, patient education and positive interaction come first. He's also not afraid to debate the old school thinkers out there.

It's great to hear similar messages from different people (tends to strengthen the belief in the message). Anthony Teoli MScPT posts regularly with a similar modern view on assessment, treatment, and patient education. Follow him and you'll get infographics, regular research reviews and more.

💥TENNIS ELBOW REHAB💥 ——— Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) typically involves pain in the region of the lateral elbow where the common tendon for a number of the wrist extensor muscles attaches. Like other tendon issues, resistance training appears to be helpful in many cases for both reducing painful symptoms and improving the work capacity of the tendon. Here are several strategies that you can try if you are currently experiencing pain in this region. . 1️⃣Radial Nerve Mobilization: The radial nerve runs through the extensor compartment of the forearm and may be associated with tennis elbow type pain. The specific movement shown here will put the radial nerve on tension and can be a useful technique for decreasing any nerve sensitivity in the region. . 2️⃣Wrist Extensor Isometrics: Position the arm so that only the wrist and hand are hanging off of the support surface. From here, hold a weight that is challenging and shoot for 4-5 reps of 30-45 seconds. Moderate discomfort is okay while performing exercises that load the tendon. Start with this exercise if your symptoms are more severe in nature and progress to the next one when they dissipate a bit. . 3️⃣Wrist Extensor (Heavy-Slow) Curls: Move through the full range of motion, which will work the wrist extensors both concentrically and eccentrically. Shoot for 3-4 sets of 6-12 repetitions. . 4️⃣Arm Curls with Wrist Extensor Emphasis: In this arm curl variation, hold the bar so that the palms are pointed down. When the bar is in the start position, move the wrist into flexion. As the elbows bend and the bar raises, squeeze the wrist extensors so that the wrist is in full extension at the top of the movement. Slowly control the bar and move the wrist in the opposite direction on the way back down. . Give these a try and let me know if you have any questions. . #RehabScience
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Dr. Tom Walters, DPT has almost 200k followers on instagram for a reason, his feed is awesome and informative. As both a PT and a kinesiology professor, his feed sometimes has anatomy reviews/movies as well as movement analysis breakdowns that only someone with his resources can provide. He also has awesome EB posts like the tennis elbow one above.

4) Dr.NicolePT

Dr. Nicole Surdyka, DPT has tons of informative quick videos on her feed. Her experience with D1 Soccer and being a CSCS gives her feed everything from kettlebells, to dynamic warmups, tendinopathy rehab and more.

It's here!!!! Pick up the, "How to Prime the Brain for Neuroplasticity" eBook (link in bio). . For the brain to be in the BEST state for neuroplasticity we FIRST need to restore the general health of its' neurons and microglia. Consider this like prehab for the brain. . 🤔So, how can YOU do this? Well, let's dive into the big 3: . 🍍DIET: Did you know that gut is often called the 2nd brain? Yup! Gut health is HUGE in recovery, especially for those with inflammation as a component of continued symptoms. We can reduce inflammation and increase gut health with diet. . 🌜SLEEP: Essential for us all of us, but often affected after concussion. Sleep is when the brain rids itself of waste and toxins. I'll show you a few techniques to help you catch some quality Zzz's. . 🌿CALMING THE AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM: The autonomic nervous system is meant to keep us safe. In concussion recovery we often see folks struggling with sympathetic dominance, meaning the brain didn't get the memo that you are SAFE. This can make it difficult to heal, learn, and connect. Shifting the nervous system into the parasympathetic state creates an environment for optimal recovery... and I got you covered. . 🧠eBook will include: •WHY diet, sleep and the nervous system are important •HOW they can be used to optimize neuroplasticity for YOU •3 parasympathetic activating techniques •3 sleep restoration techniques •3 Printables: Sleep hygiene checklist and Anti-inflammatory diet checklists . 🔹️🔹️Take home point: This is an EXCITING time in neurorehabilitation. Learn how to prime YOUR brain for healing through neuroplasticity by picking up your FREE mini eBook today! . . Follow👉 @mollyparkerpt 😍Like it? Share away!
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It took just part of a podcast with Jess Schwartz for hosts, Gene, Joe, and myself to realize, we had a LOT to learn about concussion rehab. I like to follow both people with similar messages to myself, and of course those who have expertise in part of a field I do not. I stumbled upon Molly's feed in instagram's search and saw that she had great information.

If you didn't make the feed, don't worry! These are just 5 (again in no order) of the PTs I follow and I wanted to have a good diversity with different types of posts from videos, to infographics, and research based posts.

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