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3 Concepts YOU MUST UNDERSTAND WHEN MARKETING Your Physical Therapy Practice Online

3 Concepts to Use When Marketing Your Physical Therapy Practice Online

1.  Know what kind of prospective patients there are online and what are they searching for?  Knowing this can help you guide your marketing strategy and specifically design your marketing for each type of prospective patient.  What are people in pain or with injuries searching for online?  What are prospective patients searching for online?

2.  Understand how much it costs to get one new patient.  If you ever watch Shark Tank, they always ask what is your customer acquisition cost.  Which, if you are interested in opening a cash based practice, or even an insurance one, I would highly recommend watching Shark Tank or The Profit.  You can learn a lot of business concepts watching these shows.  You need to calculate this and know exactly how much this is when marketing online after 1-3 months of marketing.  When you calculate this, then you can know how much is worth investing in marketing, how much it costs to get one new patient, and what is your average revenue per new patient.  

3.  You need to have a return on your investment (ROI) with marketing and understand conversion rates.  Here is an example when I invested $1000 in marketing and generated $8000 in revenue in 1 month and what my conversion rates were.  Yes, marketing to the public can work, when done properly.  

Like our facebook page for more information regarding marketing strategies for your cash based private practice.  We really need to learn how to market to the public and really create true value in health care for outpatient private practice physical therapy to survive.  This is why I create my Business 101 and Marketing 101 courses to give PTs the basics and a proven system when opeing a cash based PT practice. For more information about my systems, business set up, and marketing strategies visit cashbasedphysicaltherapy.org . Marketing online is essential when you want to grow your practice and grow to the next level.



Ron Miller, DPT, OCS
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