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EDGE Mobility Band: Modulating Lateral Elbow Pain

It doesn't really happen like this....

Recently, one of the physios at The Eclectic Approach to Soft Tissue Manipulation in Rome, Italy was complaining about lateral elbow pain.

The pain was felt with elbow flexion, pronation, and wrist flexion, or a few of the components of radial neurodynamics. It was also consistently reproduced with radial neurodynamic testing with head in neutral and with a slider (head sidebent toward the involved side).
Here is a quick video on using an EDGE Mobility Band to modulate stretch and pain in the radial neurodynamic test, and the thought process used for wrapping the lower arm and upper arm and which worked to eliminate pain.

EDGE Mobility Band - Modulating Lateral Epicondylagia

After wrapping and doing repeated mobilizations in radial sliders and tensioners, the band was removed, and the patient's asterisk sign of elbow flexion, pronation, wrist flexion and making a fist, was also pain free. For HEP, repeated neurodynamic tensioners were given (head in neutral, not away).

Keeping it Eclectic...

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