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Podcast Tuesdays! Fitness, Strength Training & Physical Therapy w/ Dr. John Rusin

Therapy Insiders

“Once they see the benefit of what you’re doing above and beyond what they thought is possible thats the biggest selling point”
– Dr. John Rusin

       In this episode of Therapy Insiders podcast, we are joined by renowned fitness and health expert, Dr. John Rusin, who also happens to be an excellent physical therapist. We discuss various topics covering health, wellness, business models, cash based services, exercise and much more (seriously much much more). So put your barbell down (for now) and enjoy the listen!

About Dr. John Rusin (http://www.drjohnrusin.com)
Dr. John Rusin on Therapy InsidersMy name is Dr. John Rusin, and I’m not your run of the mill physical therapist. After first mastering my craft as a traditional and hardcore strength & conditioning coach, I have transitioned my practice into the field of sports performance physical therapy. I now live and breathe all aspects of human performance, creating life-altering programs for an impressive and diverse clientele.  My single-minded goal is to bridge the ever-growing gap between high-performance strength and conditioning and cutting-edge rehabilitation methodology for both elite strength athletes and amateur fitness fanatics.
In a fitness culture full of downright dangerous and misleading information, I bring over a decade of high-level training experience along with advanced degrees in both Exercise Science and Physical Therapy to create the ultimate result oriented programming for my clients. This synergy of academia and in-field training experience sets the tone for intelligently designed approaches to fitness and performance.
From NFL and MLB athletes to competitive powerlifters and bodybuilders, I have developed recovery, regeneration, and prehab-rehab programs for some of the world’s best power athletes.
My game changing ideas that have been directly perfected over the years with thousands of my current and former patients and clients have caught the attention of the most innovative and impactful fitness media outlets in the world. Along with teaching these methods internationally, I have published over 30 professional articles that have left their stamp on an industry in dire need of a change for the greater good.
All that being said, I am most proud of having played a key roll in keeping my clients and readers performing at the brink of their physical limits. Everyday I strive to give my absolute and unconditional best to better my clients, my community and the fitness industry as a whole, one success story at a time.
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