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Kneeling Kettlebell Plank

Thanks to a patient who learned this exercise from an excellent personal trainer, I present the kneeling kettlebell plank!

It's works well in the 4x4 Corrective Exercise matrix as a pattern assisted exercise. Instructions
  • get as heavy as a bell as comfortable
  • get into tall kneeling and have the bell behind your back
  • upright posture, but not hyperlordotic, press the bell down into the ground
  • while your scapula are set and stable, you may do cervical disassociation exericses
    • slow cervical rotations
    • cervical retraction with or without rotation, sidebending, or extension
    • practice diaphragmatic breathing
    • thoracic rotations
This exercise even helped what I thought was a chronic frozen shoulder patient with about a 75% loss in all planes turn into a rapid responder, cleaning up elevation in flexion, scaption, and ER to almost FN in just 1 week! Shows what grooving a little scapula stability can do. In a video either this or next week, I'll show the other exercise that helped with the rapid response.

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