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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are from Optimum Sports Performance, Physio Spot, and Aaron Swanson.

First things first, please nominate The Manual Therapist for The 2014 Therapydia Awards! Last time I somehow did not get nominated for best use of video or social media, even though I have regular videos almost weekly! Please nominate me if you've been finding DAILY posts, clinical pearls, course and text reviews, technique videos, clinical pattern recognition, etc... useful!

If you have been interested in Breathing Pattern Disorders after reading about the text recommendations from myself and Zac Cupples, I have just the interview for you! Dr. Leon Chaitow himself was interviewed on Physio Spot. Take a listen if you want to know about how he came to recognise BPD as a significant in many patients!

Patrick Ward recently wrote a great review of a running text, The Science of Running. We focus on our own research and texts so much as clinicians, I think it's always enlightening to hear about a sport and training from a scientific coach's perspective. This is on my reading list as soon as I finish the three other books I'm currently reading simultaneously!

Recovery is both an art and science and Aaron Swanson lays it out for you in two epic posts. Part 1 is here and part 2 is here! If your patients are not improving or keep re-injuring themselves check out these posts for some great tips.

Remember to read The OMPT Daily for more Quick Links!

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