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Clinical Pearl: A Little (Skin) Slack Goes a Long Way

For those of your familiar with mobilizations with movements, here is a variation that requires even less force and gets you or your patient to end range that much easier!

Cervical Retraction and Extension Clinical Pearl
  • this repeated loading strategy can feel uncomfortably or painfully blocked for several reps or even several sets before it gets easier
  • this depends on how much you have been unloading prior to using the repeated loading strategy to reset the area
  • the sensation of blocking is normally strongest around the lower cervical and upper thoracic area
  • try lightly pulling the skin superiorly to slack it (as light a touch as possible) and try the same cervical retraction with extension
  • it should feel much more comfortable with either little or no sensation of blockage
  • have the patient perform their HEP mode as normal, only now with no "threat" of discomfort

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