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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from The Gait Guys, Adam Kelly, and Dr. Skeptic.

New Video upload for OMPT Channel Subscribers! Thank you for your membership! Under EDGE Mobility System, it's using the CupEDGE for functional shoulder IR with Dr. Ryan DeBell of The Movement Fix.

The Gait Guys are tempting me more and more with their International Shoe Fit Certification program with posts like this one on lasts. As I treat a decent amount of runners, I feel like I should know more about how shoe fits, especially, when someone like Runblogger's wife had a problem for a long time, due to a improperly fit shoe on her painful side. Do any of you guys have experience with their program? Leave me a comment or email me!

Adam Kelly demonstrates using RockTape for anterior knee pain, or as I like to call it, knee pain. This is a much more simple method than cutting the tape in the middle and going around the circumference. I use a variation on this technique on acute knee pain so they can perform stability and strengthening drills pain free.

Want an example of how significance can be manipulated by researchers? Dr. Skeptic has a great blog post with just what you want to read! 5% of the time, you get significance and publish that! It's a great read how bias, which he considers worse than fraud gets the results more toward rejecting the null hypothesis!

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