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Resetting the Pain Threshold

I thought it would be helpful for you visual learners out there (like myself) to see how I explain pain and intervention strategies to my patients.

Also, like my man Zac Cupples, you can see I missed my calling as a professional graphic artist with the high end program, MS Paint!

Enjoy the vid, it's about 6 minutes long for you impatient types.

The most important part of the mode of homework is the patient figuring out how often they need to "dose" themselves with a reset. Hourly will suffice for some, for others, with very repetitive jobs, will need 2-3 reps every 5-10 minutes. These are not forever, but just as long as it takes to keep the threshold high and the window of improvement open, so that the alarm stays off. That's typically for 48-72 hours before you can potentially start loading in the direction opposite the directional preference.

Keeping it Eclectic...

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