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Khalili Cream Review

What the heck is Khalili Cream? That's a good question, and one that I asked when I was told an OMPT Channel subscriber wanted to give a tube to me for sharing my knowledge.

I purchased a tube, on his word that it was a great all natural pain relief topical cream. Khalili is the trademark of Dr. Kevin Khalili, of the Laser Rehab Institute. He performed hundreds of clinical trials with chemists to get his pain relief cream perfect. It uses 10 all natural ingredients and the list can be found here. There are two ways the instructions state Khalili cream works

1) Initially rubbing it into your skin

  • shortly after applying the cream, you begin to feel a warm, pleasant sensation
  • it's a perfect mental distraction if you're sore from a previous workout or injury
  • unlike other topical creams, it doesn't smell like chemicals, it smells like some sunscreens
  • the sensation lasts pretty long, I was surprised actually, I didn't time it officially, but it was over 20 minutes

2) after beginning your workout

  • I was skeptical of the "dual action" but applied some to my upper traps and cervical spine which were sore from a workout a few days ago
  • after my pre-workout/run resets, I hopped on the treadmill and began running - sorry winter runners, I'm not a fan of running in single digit weather!
  • to my surprised, as the rest of me warmed up, my upper traps and cervical spine started to feel a very soothing cool sensation
  • this again lasted for the duration of my run prior to working out, so about 20 minutes
  • my resistance training lasted about another 30 minutes, and the sensation faded some time during that
  • the instructions said a deep heat would be felt, but I only feel a comfortable cool when working out in the applied areas

    For patients with tenderness or tone that is not reducing with normal IASTM or Functional Release techniques, I'm going to try applying a little Khalili to the area prior to some EDGE Solution to see if it can help modulate the discomfort, thus allowing for some manual treatment. I'll let you know what happens. In the meantime, I liked the product for my use so much that I decided to carry it in The EDGE Mobility System store site and on It's a perfect compliment to my lineup of products designed to get you moving and feeling better!

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