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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are from Ben Fung, The Gait Guys, and Body in Mind

Curious as to The Gait Guys take on treadmills? Look no further than this post. It's always interesting to me how others view something that we take for granted like gait, and in particular on a treadmill. I knew about the hip extensor inhibition due to the pull of the belt, but did not think what it was doing to the hip flexors. Love the detail, even I don't need that much in my clinic.

Lorimer Moseley is giving up his neurocentric ways! Well, not really, but he is looking at from a body wide point of view and is now recommends using bioplasticity. The entire body and all it's systems adapt to stimulus and change, this fits in well with what I am learning from Better Physiology's webinars.

Ben Fung is one of my go to's for #BizPT. He's leaving his job as a Clinical Director, a position where he made a huge turnaround and an actual difference! Why? He wants to spend more time with his family among other things, one of the choices I made when I started teaching more. Kudos and best of luck to you buddy!

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