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Top 5 Fridays! My 5 Pre-Run or Workout Resets

Where would I be without MDT like resets? More asymmetrical and possibly injured that's where! Here are my 5 current pre-workout resets based on my current asymmetries.

 1) Repeated ankle plantarflexion
  • If I am limited in the half kneel ankle dorsiflexion test, I'll bust out 10-20 passive plantarflexion with slight inversion and retest
  • often I get right to the wall with little to no perception of "tightness"
2) Repeated tibial IR wrapped with an EDGE Mobility Band
  • next up is a tibial IR check in 90-90 sitting
  • if there is a loss (typically on my right side), I'll wrap my proximal calf with an EMB and perform the tibial internal rotation with half kneel either on the ground or up on a chair
  • next I go back to re-test 90-90 and it's often better in 10-20 reps
3) Repeated hip flexion
  • if I feel any pinch or loss of hip flexion or hip IR, it's repeated hip flexion
  • end range passively into flexion and slight abd/ER to go a bit further
  • re-check after 10-20 reps and the "FAI" like pinch is often gone
4) Thoracic whip to the right
  • this is easily checked with SFMA's lumbar lock shoulder ER test in quadruped
  • a loss for me is normally to the right being DN versus left being FN
  • ten thoracic whips to the right, followed by lots of nice cavitations - free of charge!
5) Ballistic Shoulder extensions
  • MRE patterns are a work in progress for me
  • I tend to be restricted bilaterally - which is why I don't work on them like I should, no asymmetry!
    • actually that's just laziness b/c there is no pain
  • I've been experimenting with ballistic shoulder extension, I thought, if it works for thoracic rotation, why not shoulder extension?
  • it ends up improving my flexion and MRE shoulder movements plus you do not need a counter or doorway to perform it passively
  • try it and report back - I even gave it to a patient in her late 60s for her shoulder and she loved it!


  1. Awesome stuff, dr. E. so do you find yourself using the pri stuff on patients now? Or are you still playing around with it?

  2. Using more here and there, mainly on those who were not responding to my typical MDT + OMPT combo

  3. I gave my husband, who has terrible shoulder mobility (and wants to play like Tiger) ballistic shoulder extensions because I knew he wouldn't take the time to do them passively. He did 2 sets of 10x, improved functional IR from sacrum to opposite scapulae bilaterally and his golf swing! He is now a believer and I see him flapping away to the bus stop every morning.

  4. Awesome! I think they can replace the passive shoulder extension in most cases!

  5. Big things with the SFMA shoulder patterns is that we stop the pattern once the back of the hand contacts the shirt/back. So any crawling or as Greg Rose calls it "dead fish" hops up the spine don't count. I love using video for this specifically spark motion because i can go frame my frame and stop it when I see the shirt dance.

    In no way is this comment related to the shoulder tx's shown however just wanted to help clarify the test.

    Thanks for sharing as always Edoggy.

  6. Thanks for the clarification! That's a good analogy for the dead fish, I certainly don't own the movement on either pattern that's for sure