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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are from Charlie Weingroff, EIM, and Jason Shane.

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Charlie Weingroff recently wrote a great Q&A from a strength coach on ACL Rehab. While I do not see a lot (or any) ACL Rehab in my practice, those types of patients are seen by my colleagues all the time. It is always interesting to see the perspective of a great clinician who considers himself a strength coach first.

EIM talks about setting goals for patients and the 3 types of goals. I admit that I do not update goals regularly after writing them down and often think of them as something I have to do for an eval. While I ask patients their goals, I do not share mine with them as I consider them generic HEP and functional goals, in other words, something to write to get reimbursed. For my less motivated patients, I should consider goal setting with them and making their goals difficult to achieve and using their ideal future, something this posts talks about.

Jason Shane updated his series on How to Build Your Patient/Client Caseload with Part 2. There are definitely some good tips here and things I have also found useful over the years. While I do not call previous clients, I should probably get them to follow my facebook posts on Physio Answers, so my practice stays fresh in their minds. I do try to see if patients have "fallen off" the schedule, which happens from time to time, but not regularly, only when I seem to have more openings than usual. Implementing it regularly could save the "What ever happened to so and so?" questions that pop up in your head. It can also serve as QA if the previous patient gives you some constructive feedback about why they did not return.

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