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Quick Links!

Just one more post for this year, a Quick Links from some of my favorite clinicians in the social mediasphere!

Today's Quick Links are from Jesse Awenus, Dan Pope, and Adam Kelly!

Jesse Awenus recently wrote a post that generated some great discussion on his facebook page. I agree that many people may get better with great instruction, and interaction from a PT, DC, MT, and even yoga and pilates instructors. However, the thing that separates clinicians from others is ruling out serious conditions that require referral. We also having a better understanding of pathophysiology, neurophysiology, and not just muscles and movement due to our extensive education. What happened to blogging more often in 2013 Jesse, j/k, I know you changed jobs etc... keep up the critical thinking, just do not get so bogged down that you doubt yourself, that affects outcomes!

Adam Kelly recently reviewed the UE Breakouts on Eat, Run, Rehabilitate. Check them out if you have only been exposed to the Top Tier movements of the SFMA. Love the new look of the site btw! Keep up the good work for 2014 Adam!

Dr. Dan Pope, a regular Physio Answers contributor recently posted 10 Critical Principles PTs Need to Know About Crossfit for Successful Rehab. I view Crossfit like any other exercise, great when done well, and many times is often not. Dan had a great point about PTs discouraging CrossFit, but treating a runner and telling them to go run when they feel better, especially when up to 80% of runners end up injuring themselves at some point!

I hope everyone has a safe and healthy Happy New Year!

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