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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are from Jesse Awenus, Ben Fung, and Jarod Carter.

Jesse Awenus has learned a lot in 3 years. I enjoyed reading his post 1 year ago and this one even more! I am envious that he has learned to accept things like PIVM not being important and that we do not have "magic hands." Jesse, you are most likely a better clinician than I was 3 years out thanks to your connections, social media, and the right continuing education. Keep up the good work.

Dr. Ben Fung recently posted an informative piece on To MBA or Not To MBA. He breaks down why you should either consider it or not depending on your goals and current work situation. This is especially important for you new grads or current DPT Students.

Dr. Jarod Carter wrote his take on the recently discussed Medicare Loophole for non participating providers and cashed based practices. His reasoning certainly is sound, but I am not a lawyer, and I am sure CMS could come around and say providers like PTs who are even considered autonomous by their standards are not even considered in this current language. What are your thoughts? I just stopped taking Medicare patients altogether with my 2 year goal of going completely cash based.

Remember to check out the OMPT Daily for even more links!

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