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Diagnostic Ultrasound for #IASTM

Courtesy of my colleagues at TherAdvance, who are studying IASTM effects with diagnostic ultrasound, here is a pre and post test video on a finger extensor.

The case is of a patient with limited and painful ROM in finger flexion and extensor. Upon diagnostic ultrasound, you can see an area of what they are calling "fibrosus" or what I commonly refer to as restrictions. Notice that in the pre-treatment video, there is less motion and the tendon appears to be blocked by a white mass.

The treatment was extremely light IASTM along the extensor tendon using the smallest convexity for 2-3 minutes. Upon post test, you can see the tendon moving much more and there is less of the adhesion/restriction, or whatever it is.

They have at least 10 such cases, all with similar, positive results in ROM and pain, using very light forces and quick treatments.

Here is the vid, it's quick!

For more info on #IASTM, go to iastmtechnique.com and learn from 6 hours of videos from both myself and Mike Reinold!

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