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Dry Needling Experience

In New York State both physical therapists and chiropractors are not allowed to dry needle. I have therefore not taken any courses, nor experienced this useful technique.

As many of you may remember from last week, I sought the help of Drs. Zac Cupples and Perry Nickelston for radiating right LE pain and paraesthesia due to static position intolerance. I was extremely worried about the 11 hour flight from Atlanta to Chile, which was tolerable, but there was definitely some discomfort.

Both TheraAdvance instructors have been using TDN for some time and instruct it along with EDGE IASTM, and kinesiotaping in their seminars. Since many of my blog readers often ask about TDN, I thought I would experience it myself and shoot a video in the process.

Since my complaints were predominantly right sided, I was unable to get my right QL to release under different means. WTH, why not stick a big needle in it, move it around and see what happens?

To review, MSR to the right, sidebending, and sidegliding to the right were all DP. Hip flexion was also DP both actively and passively. The trunk motions had improved with the PRI program suggested by Zac, and the hip flexion had improved thanks to Perry's self iliacus release suggestion. However, sidegliding in standing and MSR were still DP.

I definitely was not sure what to expect, if it would be painful or not. Hernavan performed both common techniques, the rapid “poking” to elicit a twitch response and the slow twist to mobilize soft tissue. I found the typically more aggressive poking to be more comfortable, but only for a very short time was the twitch response uncomfortable in my distal QL. I barely felt anything at all.

Here's the vid, it's about 20 minutes long.

To summarize, now, my SGIS and MSR to the right are both FN, and my QL has not felt this soft in years! I purposely did not do any exercise to lock in the effects to see how long they last, and 3 days later, the QL is still FN to touch, and my 11 hour flight back did not have any issues at all! Thanks again to both Hernavan and Nelson for sharing their knowledge. Hernavan was a bit nervous because he is not used to explaining the process in English, so he apologizes for lack of better description and his accent. My Mus-scull is released!

Staying Eclectic and getting free hits from groaning soma simpletons....

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