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Quick Links

Today's Quick Links come from Ortho Chat, The Gait Guys, and Eat, Run, Rehabilitate.

OMPT Channel Update! CupEDGE demonstrations for median and radial neurodynamics, under EDGE Mobility System Channel!

Ortho Chat is a newer blog by some Pitt DPT students who are interested in educating others on a multidisciplinary approach. Here is a video I found on their site with Chad Cook talking RCTs.

The Gait Guys go over some research on the costs of changing your stride. After reading Irene Davis' groundbreaking running research, I was able to go back to running after 6 years off. However, of the several races I ran this summer, I decided to try my older, larger stride, which has always been easier on me. I did not suffer any adverse effects and this is most likely to me being more responsible and keeping up with my mobility and symmetry. I was able to get my speed and efficiency back, and if something does bother me, I only need to shorten my stride and up my cadence.

My young Padawan, Adam Kelly wrote up a blog case on cervicogenic HA. Find out here what he did to help his patient.

Don't forget to check out The OMPT Daily for even more links!

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