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Quick Links

Today's Quick Link are from Jeff Cubos, Physio Edge, and SMR Blog

Dr. Jeff Cubos recently wrote a great post about "magic" in the clinic. I really like how he compares the typical "magic trick" to our treatments including the misdirection away from pain to get the movement back. Much if not all of what we do is improving movement by decreasing threat and reducing the CNS sensitivity or the "alarm" in the head that is limiting motion and causing pain.

If you do TDN or dry needling, here are 5 tips for the HEP afterward by Physio Edge founder David Pope. I experienced TDN for the first time and that vid will be posted tomorrow!

A recent study on return to sport was reviewed on SMR Blog. While they suggested focusing on "persistent knee" complaints, I would recommend decreasing fear avoidance and eliminating other factors that may cause future injury ala FMS/SFMA approach. What do you think?

For even more links, read the OMPT Daily, daily!

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