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#IASTM Technique Available

IASTM Technique Program Now Available!

Are you turned off by tool sets that cost thousands of dollars to own, or that you have to lease other sets of tools? Are you ready to start learning how to start using instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) today?!?  I am psyched to have collaborated with Mike Reinold on this great site. There is over 6 hours of great content !

IASTM Technique

EDGE on Lateral Upper Arm Pattern
IASTMtechnique.com is a new website teaching you everything you need to learn to start using IASTM today.  It is jam-packed with over 35 videos and over 6 hours of content!  I have teamed up with physical therapist Mike Reinold to provide you with our unique perspectives and takes on IASTM.

If you are not using IASTM, think about these things:
  • IASTM is effective.  You and your patients are going to see the benefit quickly.
  • IASTM is easy.  You don't need a lengthy certification process to begin.
  • IASTM is inexpensive.  We'll show you what we use for tools, some for under $5!
Everything you need to start using IASTM is covered!  We break the program down into 4 different portions:
  1. Basic Principles - We start the program out telling you about some of the history and background behind IASTM, including some of the research reports on the benefits and efficacy of using IASTM.  Once you understand the "why," we jump right into the "how," showing you the basics behind tool selection, grip, scanning assessments, stroke patterns, and more
  2. Body Part Specific Techniques - Once you have the basics down, we now break down the content by body part, going over how we use IASTM from head to toe.  At this point, you are ready to rock and start practicing, but we don't stop there (like some programs do...).
  3. Advanced Techniques - Here is where you will take your IASTM skills to the next level.  We talk about how to integrate IASTM with your other manual therapy techniques and how to use IASTM for several different movement dysfunctions, pathologies, to enhance neurodynamics, and as a prep for spinal manipulation.  There are lots of great videos here including footage of real patients and case studies.
  4. Resources - Great, now you know how to use IASTM like a pro, head over to the resources section to hear our unbiased recommendations on what to use for tools and lubricant, as well as other educational resources.
IASTM Technique Special Sale Price

IASTM Technique is on sale for the next 10 days for only $99.99!  The sale price ends Wednesday August 28th, 2013 at midnight EST.
But, you'll want to read the next section too...

Win Almost $2000 Worth of Free IASTM Tools!

As a super-duper special bonus, we have a bunch of Hawk Grip and EDGE tools and pouches to give away.  All you have to do is purchase the educational program by the end of the launch sale and you'll be entered to win one of the nearly $2000 worth of FREE IASTM tools!  We'll announce the winners at the end of next week!
Want to increase your chances of winning the tools?  Mike and I will be on Twitter and Facebook looking for great testimonial posts from people who have started the program.  We have a bunch of tools to give away to everyone, but we will be selecting a few people that we see helping to spread to word on social media, so share and help us get the word out!  Be sure to tag Mike and I and use the #IASTM hashtag!

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