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Why You Need to Use #IASTM

How and Why You Need to Learn IASTM

Mike and I have a nice video for you discussing why and how we both started using instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM).  Like many people, I waited until something more affordable and accessible became available. I tried other products and came up with my own.

In this video, Mike and I describe how and why we both started using IASTM, how we integrate IASTM with other manual techniques and exercise, the major benefits of IASTM, and then some brief technique demonstrations.

Get #IASTM Technique Now!
If you are interested in learning more about Mike and I's newest online educational program teaching you how to quickly and easily start using IASTM, click here!  The program is on sale for the next week, plus if you purchase the program now, you'll be entered to win nearly $2000 worth of IASTM tools!

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