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Vidcast Wednesdays! What is End Range and the Stop Light Rule?

I hear "I am afraid to push my patient to end range!" at each and every seminar from experienced therapists.

Apparently we are not afraid to push someone with a brand spankin' new fresh TKA who is screaming their head off to 90, but cervical retraction with SB is scary! The motions that are repeated loaded or held sustained in MDT are physiologic and nothing more. Even when we make rapid changes in ROM with any technique or exercise, it is ROM that area already had, but was unable to access.

edit: I forgot 2 important concepts of the Stoplight Rule
1) Peripheralization that remains is a red light, temporary is a yellow light (2-5 minutes again)
2) Centralization that remains is a green light, even if an area proximal to the distal area that feels better increases in pain

  • i.e. - Cervical pain with radiating UE pain into the hand, 10 cervical retractions with end range loading SB to the involved side
  • the hand pain/paraesthesia is abolished, but now the shoulder hurts more, or even the neck, which is still centralization as long as the distal area remains improved

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