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Today's Interesting Finds!

Whew! One day off of work and I return to find out the AC is broken, doesn't sound so bad in Buffalo, but it was 80+ degrees! Click below for The OMPT Daily!

We've heard for years now about the plasticity of the CNS, it makes for a hallmark of my current Eclectic Approach. Science Daily reviews some recent research in regard to forming new pathways to problem solve in rodents. Every patient is an ortho/neuro patient. Unless you're treating dead ones.

The latest PT Podcast is up, this one reviews glut med repairs and the effects of lumbopelvic manip and KT tape on knee pain. Always some quality stuff but I didn't have time to listen to this full podcast. Just being honest!

Zac Cupples reviews the RAT or Reactive Agility Test, now I want to put myself through this as I consider myself an agile guy! Maybe when I'm 100% recovered! Keep the vids coming Zac! How do you do with the test?

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