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Today's Interesting Finds!

The OMPT Daily is out! Check below for the top posts of the day!

More practiced motor control with Chris Johnson. It appears the vid is a picture until you see his leg move a bit as he is putting the other one down. You're on a roll Chris, keep it up with the great vids! All my runners are benefiting!

Next up is Cracked Chiro! Apparently the clinician's practice is in Hollywood, which makes sense as I think there is a bit magic added to these cavitations in post! Some the reactions of either the patients or the actors are priceless! Hilarious vid!

Last but not certainly least is a post from The Science of Sport. Great post! What do you think of the minimalist movement? This year, I stopped coaching foot strike and just concentrated on movement symmetry, motor control and stride length with a lean to the run. Works much better and is easier. Also, I tried to transition my wife to a 4" drop, similar to my beloved Nike Frees. She had knee pain and found she could run much better in "big" shoes. So yes, to each their own, but training and movement symmetry (both motion dysfunction and motor control) are hugely important for me... currently.

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