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Top 5 Fridays! Top 5 Blog Posts in the Past Year

Sorry for the rehash, but with a lot of new readers, it's good to go back to the archives once in a while. Here are my Top 5 Most Read or commented on posts by category.

1) Most Read COTW

The Dreaded Lumbar Lateral Shift parts 1 and 2.
Who doesn't like a good lateral shift case? Other than, you, your patient, and your arms? Get that shift corrected within 6 weeks of onset!

2) Most Read/Viewed Vid Post

The Psoas release
This one gets quite a few google hits, even weekly. Very dysfunctional in many lower quarter cases, just make sure to strength test after release to make sure the patient can handle the new mobility.

3) Most Read/downloaded Informational Post

Joint Arthrokinematics
If you're studying for a PT licensure exam, OMPT fellowship exam, or OMPT cert exam, this is a must have! If you're testing students in any of these categories, or an ortho professor, or you want to just brush up. It's also worth a look. Thanks to Dr. Corey Simon, DPT, FAAOMPT

4) Top Viewed Vid Post

Eclectic Strategies to Improve Ankle ROM
This was a recent one, but thanks to exposure on, these vids get out there!

5) Top Guest Post

Thanks to Dr. Joe Brence for All About Pain. Well written and informative, but should not be anything new to regular readers of this blog, as I regularly link back to NOI Group and Body in Mind. Check it out!

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