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Quick Links

Today's Quick Links come from Chris Johnson, Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy, and LEAF Lifestyle via youtube.

Chris Johnson, PT specializes in treatment of athletes using an evidence lead and eclectic approach. No wonder we get along! Check out this video he posted on his youtube channel on hurdle stepping. Just like the HS test, it is a movement pattern that is difficult to perform correctly. Chris makes it look easy with his smooth, machine like movement!

Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy is a brand new PT blog started by John Snyder, SPT, CSCS, a student at the University of Pittsburgh. He asks a very good question that I often wonder, Manual Therapy...Why the Apprehension? He goes on to write a post with some of the same references I use in my spinal manip courses. Great job and great blog! We need more PT blogs out there!

Caught this video by Leaf Lifestyle on youtube while I was looking for kettlebell exercises. It's a fun variation on presses using multiplanar movements and incorporating thoracic rotation. When I get a matching 35 and 45# bell, I'm going to incorporate these in between my swing intervals!

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