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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are from Kettlebell Therapy, Better Movement, and The Week.

Dr. Ben Fung posted about Kettlebell Core Beginnings and included a sample exercise that is a variation on chops, but further regressed. Haven't tried this with a bell yet, but will certainly do so tomorrow. Great to have you back to blogging Ben!

Great timing for Todd Hargrove to write about Power at the End Range, just in time for me to write about the neurophysiologic basis of MDT. Always a great read from the nervous system perspective of movement.

The Week posted a recent article on Why So Few People Are Left Handed. This was of natural interest to me since I am left handed and super right brained. Previous theories include brain damage! The research reviewed stated it was due to competitiveness and cooperation, or a lack thereof. What's that say about us lefties? Hey, at least they acknowledge the advantages in sports!

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