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#SolvePT With a New PT Blog for the Public

With the help from other online PTs all around the world! I decided to start a new blog!

Do I have enough time to do this by myself? Absolutely not! I asked for help with #solvept and I received! So far PTs from the US, England, Canada, and Australia are in. Various disciplines are represented with manual (naturally), sports, geriatric/neuro, pain science are already on board. Varying levels of experience are also going to write, from experienced, to new grads, and also current students.

I want this to be a more personal, fun blog, almost like the best elements of WebMD but written by PTs. The posts will be organized by labels on their topics and we can write about anything the public needs to be educated on (like their right to go to any clinic they want), or it can eventually be q&a via the facebook page.

If you're interested in blogging, I will require 1 post/month either due on the 1st or the 15th. Regular bloggers will get their own links back to their bios and will be featured on the contributors page. Email me at religiosopt@gmail.com with your pic (more fun or casual) and the bio. I'm going to write my first post on what the evaluation experience should be like sometime this week.

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