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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from In Touch PT Blog, Pub Med, and Mike Reinold.

Dr. Harrison Vaughn presented an interesting case recently. A patient with allodynia asked her doctor for a referral to PT. Allodynia can severely limit your quality of life, and certainly is difficult for manual therapists to treat as the lightest touch is usually unbearable. I posted some thoughts on his blog comments section as to why I think his treatment worked as well as it did. Great job!

Todd Hargrove posted this link to a study on Pub Med about forward running. A case series on 10 runners who were trained in forefoot running was performed. All 10 improved in all measures of function, running distance, pain, and even compartment pressure.

Dr. Mike Reinold posted a regression for rotatory stability planks. This is a great low level but still challenging exercise for the right patient/client. I instructed them to a patient today!

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