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Common Cervical Treatments

Here are my cervical "go to" techniques for commonly restricted areas starting from superficial to deep.

IASTM to: (direction of repeated stroke and common restriction)

  • occiput
    • lateral to medial, 3-4 minutes, improves OA mobility
    • helps with cervicogenic HA
  • cervical spine
    • normally more restricted C2-4 in proximal to distal, 3-5 minutes
    • improves cervical/subcranial mobility, commonly restricted segments due to forward head
  • upper trap/levator scapula
    • restricted in prox to dist and dist to prox, as well as transverse (perpendicular to fibers) bending, 5 minutes
    • improves first rib mobility and shoulder elevation ipsilaterally as well
JM to subcranial and cervical spine
  • subcranial shear distraction, typically 3-4 sets of 6 reps
  • unilateral OA nod, 2-3 sets of 3 reps
  • cervical thrust if needed (I do translation > 90% of the time vs rotation) and have never done an AA rotatory thrust outside of a course
  • 1st rib inferior, anterior, posterior glides, 3-4 minutes

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