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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from My Physical Therapy Space, PT Think Tank, and Better Movement.

A whole lot of debunking going on lately, the first two links reflect that. Much of what is stated is absolutely needed and validated by research. These things have changed the way I assess and treat over the years.

Dr. John Childs recently posted about PT Myths De-Bunked Part 2. I agree with most of it clinically, except in the way it was presented. There is no true homogenous population that will be used by an experiment to show that any treatment will always work. I wonder, then, what does that leave the evidence based practice clinician to practice with? The problems with any assessment and treatment study, is that the variables studied are taken out of context in the manner we actually use them. We do not just do end feel tests without histories, we do not just do MMT's without ranging... etc.. The whole of the examination and treatment should be greater than the sum of the parts, tailored to the individual.

 Drs Ridgeway and Silvernail @ PT Think Tank and Dr. Mike Reinold's Blog recently had opposing posts that generated some interesting discussion regarding the SIJ. The first showed the faults in palpation for position and assessment, and the second presented the classic SIJ examination and treatment. I left a comment on Mike's blog as to how I assess and treat the SIJ.

A rare post on structure at Better Movement! Todd acknowledges the importance of looking at structure, and how it can affect function, however also acknowledges there is very little we can do to change bony structure over a reasonable amount of time.

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