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Informed Consent!

A quick note on informed consent!

This my left upper trap after my wife, also a DPT, worked on it with the EDGE, literally as lightly and superficially as possible for about 5 minutes. I've worked on myself in other areas like plantarfascia, ITB, hamstrings, and forearms. This NEVER happens in those areas, but ALWAYS happens in my traps and cervical spine. I have normal ROM, but have a little first rib dysfunction affecting my workouts mainly.

Make sure you always give a good verbal informed consent for soft tissue work (or any treatment) on the potential adverse outcomes. Many people do not have a problem with soreness, but have a huge problem with bruising. Especially on the cervical spine when it looks like hickeys.

I usually say IASTM may

  • causing bruising
  • redness
  • visible discoloration
  • black and blue marks within the next day
The reiteration makes people hear it a bit better. I've had patients in the past tell me their MT has bruised and pushed really hard, and then come back really upset saying they had some bruising. This is always an unfortunate circumstance and never intentional, but it happens with soft tissue work on occasion.

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