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Posture Part 2: I Am Supposed to Stand How?

Part 1 of the Posture Series is here. For patients that have difficulty standing due to pain, and are not your typical lumbar stenosis patients that are worse in standing, better in sitting, here are some options.

bilateral standing

  • for swaybacks: correct the following using tacile, verbal, and visual cues
    • slight posterior tilt to neutralize the lordosis
    • position the sternum over the COG
    • soften the knees from hyperextension to slight (1-2 deg) flexion
    • have them shift their weight anteriorly and posteriorly at the ankles to get the weight bearing evenly between the heels and the MT heads
    • a slight vertical compression force with the patients abdominals/core relaxed will still show them structurally being able to withstand compression without losing alignment
stride standing

  • 70% WB on rear foot, 30% on front
  • switch front and rearfoot every 2-3 minutes
prolonged static standing
  • bilateral - weight shift from left to right and swing your hips to keep the hips and lumbar spine mobile

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