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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from PT Diagnosis, My Physical Therapy Space, Specialist Pain Physio, and Kettlebell Therapy!

Tim over at PT Diagnosis posts his clinically used CPRs for Pathology Screening. It's a useful list, let him know if there are others that you use, but are not included.

Larry over at EIM's blog posts several problems (again) about the current education for DPT students and several, really well thought out solutions. My original DPT program from Paris was based on the medical model and involved a paid clinical residency that allowed me to specialize in OMPT while getting my DPT. This was eventually smashed into transitional programs that were little more than rehashes of previously taken courses with some extra creds and electives. Be sure to read PT Education: Oh Brother Where Art Thou?

Richmond Stace, the Specialist Pain Physio posts about Manual Therapy, Pain, and the Immune System, going over current research.

Dr. Ben Fung is posting a several part series on his recent lecture on Spine Wellness. I'm actually going to print it out for our waiting room for patients to read.

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