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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Reasons You Should be Using RockTape

Since taking the FMT 1 and 2 courses earlier this year, I have been integrating it into more of my practice, but only when necessary. Here are 5 reasons why I think you should use RockTape (and take the courses) over the competitors.
1) model of updated mechanisms - RockTape
  • the model they use to explain mechanisms is in line with the modern manual therapy thinking
  • there is no proximal to distal, origin to insertion nonsense, after all, it is just tape on skin
  • they talk about subtle lift of skin with movement, studied by real time US, possibly mobilizing superficial fascia
2) helps lock in soft tissue work changes - this applies to any KT tape
  • have a patient who benefits rapidly in pain, function, ROM with IASTM but is not so compliant with their HEP?
  • the skin stimulation, perceivable at first, and even after accomodation helps lock in the improvements of those who are not performing their ther ex for homework regularly enough to permanently affect the nervous system
3) assists with motor control - also applies to any tape
  • I am a HUGE fan of the tweak taping technique
    • have a patient with lateral epicondylalgia with radial neurodynamic dysfunction?
    • IASTM to the radial patterns, then place a small tweak tape along the common extensors to help lock in the mobility improvements
  • basically it's using as small pieces of tape possible along a pattern to assist in motion/motor control
  • this just saves unnecessary tape = less $$!
  • I went over this pre and post tweak taping on this post here with vids!
4) makes movements less painful and non-threatening - applies to any tape
  • whether it's the skin lift and superficial fascial mobilization, or the skin stimulation, painful movements, often even moderate to severe can be modulated with a simple taped pattern
  • less or non-painful movement = better motor control and more compliance with an MDT type  HEP
    • more compliance = crystallized improvement
5) It lasts longer than other brands - just RockTape!
  • you get what you pay for, sure it's more expensive, but it has more elasticity, thus providing more tactile feedback when applied with greater stretch
  • the glue is apparently stronger and much more waterproof, even on the standard tape (not the swimmer's version)
  • I had a cervical patient taped upper traps and thoracic paraspinals who showered daily, washed her hair every other day, leave it on for 19 days straight, and her husband finally removed it because she was going to a wedding - you can't do that with standard KT Tape (I've tried on myself and on other patients prior to using RockTape)
  • try tweak taping a medial arch for an entire marathon as in my patient in #4 and see if it stays on, just sayin'...

So is this a huge plug? You bet it is, I get behind a product and stick with it. If I found a better sticking, cheaper KT tape, I'd use it, but I haven't. Until then, you stay Eclectic!


  1. Couldn't agree more. Great recap.

  2. Hey boss try dynamic tape. I've been majorly impressed. Previously only used rocktape, so I've never tried anything but Rocktape and Dynamic tape. Dynamic tape has been huge for us. The spray adhesive has also been nice for when individuals are getting straight in the water after.

  3. I've used Kinesio, KT, Spider tech and Rock tape is simply the best, hands down. Been using Rock tape for several years now. The adhesiveness is the best feature along with their backing of taping movement (not just 'muscles') - you described all the benefits perfectly imo.

  4. I'll have to agree to disagree. I have taken all 3 K-tape classes and
    level one Rock tape class. And have learned from both. So I have used
    all different brands of tape and still i come back to Kineiso tex gold
    for many reasons. The first is based on skin types. Rock tape is a
    better adhesive but way to harsh on skin. Leaving irritated marks on the
    skin and even leaving adhesive marks after pealing off. I'm sure you
    have noticed that Rock tape leaves an adhesive marks and can recoil a bit once applied. Even with out add tape tension.
    As far as Rx, you can't beat adding taping as part of any Rx or
    condition and find it very importance to learn how to Tweak the tape or
    as you should learn, location, location, location.

  5. I don't find it's harsh on my patient's skin. I had one woman leave it on for 19 days taped on cervical spine and upper traps and her skin only looked as if it was taped, but no reaction. However, a stronger glue will have a stronger reaction I'm sure. I have not tried KT gold, but the normal brand I found was falling off within hours. Thanks for your comment!

  6. Great post Doc. It was a real pleasure working with you and feel blessed that you are in our corner.

  7. Thanks Steven! Feel the same way about you plugging my work! Hope to hang out with you again soon. How is the new practice going?

  8. Coming along my friend. It ain't launching until April 2014, but rest assured you are one of the first lecturers to grace our facility. Denver will love your approach. Can't wait.

  9. Awesome! I'm open so far last weekend of April. Denver is one of my favorite cities!

  10. have just come across this post whilst searching for everything tape related. Specifically: I am preparing a lecture on the many many ways of taping the PFPS or AKP.
    Am I right in presuming that the tape in the picture has been applied to the fascial chains/trains/?
    Please let me know as this is one of the models I will be speaking about. If this is the case... may I use your (the above) picture in the presentation?... and of course I will be bringing the attention of the audience to this website.

    Thanks in advance Esther

  11. Esther, that's a standard RockTape picture I got using Google image. She's a model they use for demo purposes. RockTape teaches pattern taping along fascia lines but also neural lines or any pattern that makes a difference. They do not teach origin to insertion.

  12. I understand and will act accordingly. And yes, I do not teach I-O at all, have never believed it... am only into the skin model...Thanks anyway....