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Tweak Taping for Single Leg Stance

Less is more! It's a recurring theme of the Eclectic Approach. Here is a very simple taping technique to improve the stability of single leg stance.

I first started using this tweak tape on two of my patients who are currently training for a half marathon and one who is training for a full. The first two of them had medial arch pain, and all other movements except single limb stance were FN on the SFMA. SL stance on the involved side was DN.

Using this simple tweak tape (RockTape's name for a small piece of tape, instead of taping along a longer line or pattern), enabled two to run completely pain free, and this third runner to improve his single limb stance to FN. The FN test extended to the single limb stance anti-rotation test, which was given as homework maintenance a month ago. He improved with it, but still had difficulty with increased resistance. This taping method also improved his stability in that exercise to rock solid!

Also, all runners had the tape on between 5-8 days with multiple runs, pretty sure you can only do that with RockTape!

That's it!
Prior to taping

 After taping

Didn't get a pre-test for this, but he had to repeatedly put his right foot down and tended to lean to the left to compensate for the pull of the band.


  1. it would be nice to register in a stabilometric platform to see the diferences...

  2. can you please give some details on the tape? tension, directions, etc
    I use ktaping but not rocktape concepts.

  3. I have done something different but similar. I started at cuboid and came around the arch spiral it slightly over mortise joint to lateral distal tib. I got similar results with slb. I don't know why I did this! I thought I could use the eccentric control of pronation and with a feed forward assistance of supination using the tape to cross multiple JTS. That's my hypothesis...could you add more or correct me or ??????? Thanks

    Chad B

  4. That would probably work similar to lateral taping on the lower and upper legs to prevent genu valgus, excessive ankle strategy in SLS. It's all proprioception and just tape in skin anyway so whatever works. That's why I love the RockTape model, just taping movement, not muscles... great tagline!