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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are from Body in Mind, Adam Kelly, and Kyle Kiesel.

What are some Factors for Knee Pain? A research study reviewed at Body in Mind looked just at this. Since we are not able to predict based on radiology, can we predict it using other factors? Are these factors even changeable? Here's how we fix it

  • gender change surgery
  • sleep during the day, wake up at night
  • sleep with a CPM
  • have the patient's change families 
  • also have them change their outlook on life - this is modifiable, but not easy!
Seriously, I appreciate research, but when you learn something factors like these, you just need to educate and treat!

Adam Kelly recently posted 10 Handy Apps for Clinic and on the Field. There are some good ones on there, I particularly like Feedly to aggregate all my reading sites, plus I am psyched Coach's Eye is now on android! Check out his recommendations here!

Do you know who Dr. Kyle Kiesel is? I am sure a decent amount of my audience in Sports Med does! Ortho, possibly not so much! He is an SFMA instructor, click here to hear him talking about the research behind the FMS/SFMA.

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