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Dr. Nicole Surdyka @dr.nicolept on instagram recently posted this great video series on progressing rehab for MCL or medial knee injuries.

In our current Modern Rehab Mastery online cohort, one of the mentees asked if I "always" screen the spine. In this video, I answer that.

Firstly, welcome back to "Talking Tendons' in 2019!

Understanding how tendon recovers from injury and adapts to load is so important and has huge implications on how we manage tendons and the education and advice that we provide patients. I am starting off this year's podcast discussing a relatively new study providing insights into the collagen turnover in healthy tendons and those with tendinopathy, adding critical knowledge to what we know about tendon collagen adaptation over time. 

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1. Heinemeier KM, Schjerling P, Øhlenschlæger TF, Eismark C, Olsen J, Kjær M. Carbon-14 bomb pulse dating shows that tendinopathy is preceded by years of abnormally high collagen turnover. The FASEB Journal. 2018;32(9):4763-75.
2. Heinemeier KM, Schjerling P, Heinemeier J, Magnusson SP, Kjaer M. Lack of tissue renewal in human adult Achilles tendon is revealed by nuclear bomb 14C. The FASEB Journal. 2013;27(5):2074-9.
4. Parkinson J, Samiric T, Ilic MZ, Cook J, Feller JA, Handley CJ. Change in proteoglycan metabolism is a characteristic of human patellar tendinopathy. Arthritis & Rheumatism. 2010;62(10):3028-35.

Keeping it Eclectic...

Stress has been linked to increased injury risk. For your patients with recurrent injuries, are you managing sleep health, having them practice MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction), or similar techniques?

If you missed our Untold Physio Stories podcast about the effects of stress on a very fit individual, click here!

Thanks to Brad_Beer on instagram for the awesome infographic!
[5 EMOTIONAL/ LIFESTYLE STRESSORS THAT INCREASE INJURY RISK] _ 👉🏻There are many determinants of both performance & injury ♾ _ 👉🏻I often say injuries are far more than ‘skin deep’: meaning that it’s not just about the biology of the injured or sore tissues & the (training) loads that may have overloaded that area 📶⤵️ _ 👉🏻training overload DOES NOT explain all injuries _ 👉🏻 It is well established scientifically that our adaptation to our training loads is influenced (positively ➕ & negatively ➖) by biomechanical factors (how we move) as well as various emotional and lifestyle stressors 🏃‍♂️+ 🧠 _ 👉🏻For example elevated academic^ 🤓& emotional stress* 😔, anxiety” 😬, and the stress related personality traits of self-blame’’’ 🥺, and perfectionism**🤔have all been shown (see references below) to increase injury risk ⬆️👟 _ 📌TAKE HOME: recognise that lifestyle stressors & your accompanying emotions play a role in injury risk & potential subsequent injury development. While we can’t control what happens to us we can at least recognise that our emotions can impact us & through awareness best attempt to monitor & manage our lifestyle stressors to help keep training & running 🔁👟 _ ‼️If you know a runner this can help please tag them in ✋🏻 _ ❓Q’s and comments are welcome _ 💻Ref: . 🤓Ivarsson A et al. (2016). Psychosocial Factors and Sport Injuries: Meta-analyses for Prediction and Prevention. Sports Medicine, 47(2), 353–365 . 😔Mann, J. B. et al (2016). Effect of Physical and Academic Stress on Illness and Injury in Division 1 College Football Players. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 30(1), 20–25 . 😬Li, H. et al (2017). Preseason Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms and Prospective Injury Risk in Collegiate Athletes. The American Journal of Sports Medicine, 45(9), 2148–2155 . 🥺Timpka et al. "The psychological factor ‘self-blame’predicts overuse injury among top-level Swedish track and field athletes: a 12-month cohort study." Br J Sports Med(2015): bjsports-201 . 🤔Madigan, D. J. set al (2017). Perfectionism predicts injury in junior athletes: Preliminary evidence from a prospective study. J . #physio #physicaltherapy #run #running #injury
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Here is my quick self evaluation, treatment, and strengthening/stabilization of the hip for anterior (front) hip pinching or pain during squatting. 

In this episode, Dr. Benjamin J Stevens of Somatic Senses recounts his story of how he changed his entire work and lifestyle to recovery from high blood pressure. As a "picture of health" mentally and physically to himself and others who knew him well, it's a great cautionary tale of how stress can affect us.

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I can't stress how much concussion is mistreated by well meaning practitioners. Those who are not specializing in concussion, or have extensive post graduate education in concussion management are not doing these patients a service. If you missed Dr. Molly Parker's Post Concussion Syndrome Untold Physio Stories podcast, listen here! Below is a helpful infographic from her instagram on 5 Myths of Concussion, along with their corresponding facts.

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Keeping it Eclectic...

Here is my quick self evaluation, treatment, and strengthening/stabilization of the hip for anterior (front) hip pinching or pain during squatting.