[RESEARCH] Heavy Resistance Training is Key for Improving Bone Health | Modern Manual Therapy Blog - Manual Therapy, Videos, Neurodynamics, Podcasts, Research Reviews

[RESEARCH] Heavy Resistance Training is Key for Improving Bone Health

[RESEARCH] Heavy Resistance Training is Key for Improving Bone Health - themanualtherapist.com

Lifting weights is not only for building muscle and setting personal records. Resistance training boosts metabolic health (building muscle is a large component), can enhance strength and power (beneficial for vital tasks such as lifting and standing from chair or floor), and reduce all-cause mortality. Another critical benefit is improving bone mineral density. 

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The US spends over $50 billion on falls and over $15 billion on hip fractures annually. Several factors contribute to falls but two and the primary ones are poor strength and bone mineral density. Both are improved with high resistance strength training. Our bones adapt to high mechanical load, achieved through impact or heavy resistance training. We can make mild improvements with bodyweight activity but at some point, higher loads are needed. This trial's goal was to determine the safety and efficacy of brief, bone-targeted HiPRT plus weight-bearing impact training for postmenopausal women with low to very low bone mass on risk factors for osteoporotic fracture, including bone mineral density (BMD), lean mass, and physical function.

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