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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Kettlebell Deadlift Variations

5 Kettlebell Deadlift Variations -

Kettlebell Deadlift Versatility 

🔑Too many times we see folks sprint past the KB Deadlift and right into either the trap bar or barbell. I’ve never understood this. If you have a heavy-ish KB, that means you have plenty of deadlift options to work with while you slow coach the hip hinge pattern and strength development in the posterior chain.

đź’ĄThe same concept can be applied to the Goblet Squat. People forget the fact that it’s a damn good challenge to load up with a heavy KB or DB in the Goblet Squat since they want to get to the landmine, barbell and/or SSB so quickly.

🧱It’s important to remember that training is a process and not a sprint. Take a slow cook approach in your training to ensure longevity and resilience. Getting enough reps under your belt with pristine technique before using the bar is a hallmark trait for staying healthy.

The KB Deadlift is super versatile. Grab a heavy-ish KB and give these deadlift options a try:

  1. KB Deadlift
  2. KB Kickstand Deadlift
  3. KB 1-Arm Offset Kickstand Deadlift
  4. KB Mid Band Deadlift
  5. KB Low Band Deadlift
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