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Top 4 Fridays! 4 Exercises for Positional Demands of Sports

4 Exercises for Positional Demands of Sports -

Positional Demands of Sports

Sports demand a lot from athletes especially when it comes to different speeds, different angles, and different positions.

One position of note is when your torso/trunk is rotated over your front leg. This position has become popularized recently due to the “coil” effect of having a fixed front leg femur in relative internal rotation beneath a rotated torso/trunk.

Ultimately, this mimics positions often visited in sports during change of direction activities while loading into that hip and then springing into a different direction from the force generated there.

In order to bring this to life in the weight room, we can simply layer in the “coil” effect into exercises we already use in the split squat and bowler squat.

A.I. and Vick: my top 2 favorite athletes of all time. Some of the most elusive to ever do it!

Exercise progressions:
  1. Band Split Squat w/ Coil
  2. KB Horns-Grip Split Squat w/ Coil
  3. Band Bowler Squat w/ Coil
  4. DB 1-Arm Offset Bowler Squat w/ Coil

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